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FUKKOL Aluminium corrsive Inhibtion Spray

Aluminium corrsive Inhibtion Spray

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Metal aluminum spray is a multi purpose anticorrosive paint for high temperature paint with bright color and bright color. It contains <>99.5% purity grade aluminum composition. The purity of aluminum is up to 99.5%. High heat resistance: Aluminum heat-resistant temperature reaches +800 C, higher than +800 C, aluminum diffuses on the protected metal upper layer, forming the diffusion layer of aluminum and metal, and can be further anticorrosion. Metal aluminum sprays quickly dry through oxidation and do not produce cracks due to moisture. In the case of high temperature, the contact of aluminum and metal surface will be more compact. It can adhere to any surface of the fixed object and shine after dry surface. It can produce cathode treatment to resist corrosion and rust, resist most of acid and alkali, and have excellent performance. In addition, this product does not contain Freon. It can be sprayed about 6-8 square meters.