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FUKKOL efficiency Multi Purpose Lubricants antirust lubricants can be used to clean all kinds of metal devices, which can easily remove the mud and hard material in the mechanical friction pairs, such as: in the gun barrel after shooting, it can be sprayed or soaked after multi effect omnipotent antirust lubricants and then used for cleaning. When the spark plug contact of the vehicle is defective, it can be sprayed with multi effect and all-purpose antirust lubricant without the need of erasing. It is very easy to start. Multi effect and all-purpose antirust lubricants can also be used to remove the tar and sticky adhesive stuck to the car table easily. The dried sugar on the carpet. Multi purpose omnipotent antirust lubricants antirust lubricants multi-purpose maintenance agents, with rust, dehumidification, rust, lubrication, cleaning, conductance of the six functions, and play a role. The multi effect and omnipotent antirust lubricants can effectively maintain all kinds of mechanical equipment, precision instruments, parts and components, and can keep the metal products in good working condition for a long time and prolong the service life. The legendary multi effect and omnipotent antirust lubricants attract worldwide attention. The multi effect and omnipotent antirust lubricants have excellent antirust effect on metal, have a strong affinity with the metal surface, and have strong permeability, and can effectively eliminate the moisture and moisture of the metal surface and inside. Proud of it is that all kinds of all-purpose antirust lubricants are non lubricated and can effectively lubricate metal parts. At the same time, multi effect and all-purpose antirust lubricants can efficiently remove grease, dirt, stains, labels and other adhesion substances on many objects.